Thinking about…



those thugs with dark costumes who hold a monopoly on violence. The same degenerates who shove their guns in our bellies as they point to the cages they have prepared for us, with our stolen property of course.

I’m thinking about freedom.

Whenever I have the discussion on why we should abolish government completely the issue of the Po Lice inevitably arises. Usually it only takes a couple minutes, if not seconds, for someone to ask “What about the police?”. Everyone I’ve talked to seems to have this fear that once we do away with our current monopoly of violence the sixth seal will be broken and the End of The World Cosmos will surely ensue.

Have no fear my friends I am here to ensure you that nothing of the like would happen. Instead people would be free to choose if they think thier time preferences call for spending money every month on a protection agency, most likely as an arm of an insurance agency. Basing protection on the profit/loss motive would discourage this kind of behavior, this kind and this kind! And that’s just in my fair city imagine if that crude use of force ceased all over the world!

 I’m not saying abuses of power would never happen, what I’m arguing for is the creation of a system where oppurtunities to abuse power are vastly diminished and where victims and soon to be victims have a better recourse to justice then they do now. Giving a family $900,00 or $1.3 million is not justice; especially since the money comes from is stolen from the non-aggressive taxpayers and while the cold-blooded murderers keep their jobs after only “a slap on the wrist”. Having the option to call and cancel my “policy” is a much better “check on corruption” than our current tax-funded system allows for.

If you really want to keep your Police Departments and your SWAT Teams then I’ll meet you half way. How about the police start raising their funds like say, I don’t know, Quiznos would. They have services that they offer for a price. If you feel you need these services so badly then you should proceed to form a contract with said police department. If I don’t feel I need the “services” that they are advertising to me then I would proceed to keep my money or spend it on another good or service I would find that I think benefits me. Then if I transgress against you or your property (which I won’t!) you can call your insurance agency, woops, I mean police department to come to your rescue.  The providers of security would then take me to a jail that you paid for through your monthly “Police Payments”. We would then both have the recourse of taking the case to the private courts of our own choosing.

The question that needs to be put forth to all of those who support the current monopoly on violence held by the state is: Why can’t I or anyone else be free to choose if we really want to pay for these “services” or not? Why can’t we be free to make our own decisions? You let me choose what beer I prefer when I go to the Kwik-E-Mart right?

 Apparently not wanting to threaten your community with violence for not thinking like you isn’t for everyone!


2 Responses

  1. To continue on your contention, lets take a look at the oh so in-efficient police force that exists today. But lets not stop at efficiency but continue onto justice, for really, the greatest efficiency to be measured is that of the quality and equality of human life. To serve and protect their assets and wealth. Isn’t that the number 1 service of the police? To proliferate and perpetuate the crime on our streets and make sure no man, woman or child may be given the abusive and unchecked power they receive. To exploit the vices of the underprivileged and propagate the crime that they create. And does it matter if a community, city, or state wants their own laws their own rules. But of course! The more central the power the better! Take for instance Montana. Not too long ago the citizens and the state felt perfectly content with little to no speeding laws. Well that can’t happen total anarchy is sure to be next!!! So the FED took it upon themselves to threaten Montana with cuts in tax money towards the roads until they gave in. Since when can my own money be blackmailed against me! And if we can’t make the FED stop it with threats on the tax dollars we paid in the first place, they’ll manipulate federal legislature and send in the degenerates from the F.B.I., D.E.A., N.S.A., H. L. S, or whatever three worded waste of money they can conjure up. Just as long as all the decisions eventually are left in the hands of a few despicable, corrupt bureaucrats who believe they can and should represent 350 million different people with 350 millions opinions the most of which have not nor ever will correspond with those greedy shitheads. For the power to govern lies in the hands of a the lucky few. The apparent rightful masters to our liberty and freedom. Justice, HA. America’s Most Wanted probably solves as many crimes as those half witted idiots! Get rid of all the bogus drug crimes that solely result in the overflow of prisons and let the people not the FED decide what is and isn’t acceptable for themselves and their neighbors.

  2. Hey, if we didn’t have the Po Lice, who would arrest citizens for such crimes as smoking pot in the privacy of thier own homes? We can’t have such criminals in our well oiled society….besides, the time they spend on this type of action allows the real crimals to take over the streets…man, don’t you see how important they are? HA!!

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