Get Drafted ’08!

The Governments Title of Ownership...On Your Life!

The Government's Title of Ownership...On Your Life!


 Whenever people buy and sell goods and services they are actually exchanging titles of ownership. In his essay “Justice & Property Rights” Murray N. Rothbard states:

In short, when I buy a hula hoop for $1, what I am actually doing is exchanging my title of ownership to the dollar in exchange for the title to the hula hoop; the retailer is doing the exact opposite. (Murray N. Rothbard, Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature: And Other Essays; Second Edition (Auburn, Al.:The Mises Institute, 2000) p. 89.)

When the government conscripts its citizens they are telling the individual “I own your life!” Basically they are claiming to possess a title of ownership on his life, how comforting. Now for those of us who propose  living in a just society of mutual cooperation, the idea that someone or some institution can claim a title on your life is one we would certainly abhor. Don’t get me wrong someone does have a title of ownership on your body and your life, and that person is you! If you want to voluntarily hand over that title of ownership to another person or institution more power to you.

The reason I bring this up is because I hate John McCain. Yes that War Criminal who happily “Bombed, Bombed” the people of Vietnam and who can’t wait to murder more innocent people, this time in  Iran. John McCain thinks that he actually has titles of ownership on all of our lives.

“If you could design a draft where everybody equally would serve.” – John McCain

Which brings us back to Murray N. Rothbard. If you do anything today please read this essay. Rothbard explains why the mindset that McCain is operating on, egalitarianism, is utterly flawed and destructive to liberty and justice.

Oh yeah! Don’t vote for John McCain unless you want every 18-40 year person you know to “equally” serve the Warfare State.  Same goes for Barack O Bomb Ya!


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