It’s All Over…

In case you didn’t hear, McCain picked his VP today. I’m going to start packing my bags. Fighting for Liberty is fun and all but honestly I don’t want to be drafted. I don’t care how much mumbo jumbo you say about how “They can’t bring back the draft”, the fact is they will need a draft if John McKiller is Commander and Chief of The Death Machine known as the United States Military. Good job America! You could have supported a real man of peace, Ron Paul, but instead you showed your true colors while you sat on the sidelines during that brave man’s 16 month campaign for the presidency. You proved to the world that you would rather continue to sacrifice at the Temple of Mars. I’m not down. Especially if I’m to be the fith priest/the offering. And this isn’t an endorsement of the Evil Obama. He is just as much a warmonger as McKiller, only he still has some of his sanity left; not much more but at least some!

If you have any morals left you need to stop voting all together. Government is supposed to rest on the “consent of the governed“, so stop consenting! Unless of course you consent to all this murder and theft. And if that is the case you’re just as evil as Obama and McCain. And I pity you.


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