To Steal & Destroy

“Where else are you going to learn war tactics, than the war school itself, you even get paid for it.”

“We’re like a crew. We do whatever we want to do!”

I hope everyone out there has their dental insurance!

If these thugs are just going to completely scrap the whole idea of individual rights than why don’t we just bring back the Hammurabi Code. Michael Cordova and James Costigan please step up for your Curb Slam!

My favorite part is how scum like this actually have the gall to call themselves “civil servants”. First of all no one in a civil society acts like that. Secondly when I think of the word servant the first image that comes to mind is this:

So may we please start calling these thugs what they really are? My choice is “Parasitic Masters”.

Hail Caesar!

Hail Caesar!


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